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What Clients Are Saying

"Viren was very helpful in our health and safety that we needed to complete our prequal. He went above and beyond for us. Very easy going person to work with, and helping understand what we needed."

Aleki Hafoka

“Viren and his team were very knowledgeable and made our pre-qualification process simple and easy. We'd definitely recommend.”

Aida Rasmussen

"Viren and his team have been amazing to deal with. They are very flexible and very responsive with their communications to us and move at pace, which was really appreciated as the timeframes to achieve some of our objectives in 2022 were very tight.

It has been a real pleasure working with Viren and his team. As a result of their hard work and professionalism we now have functionality using SAFE365 for our H&S forms and reports.

Another huge milestone achieved with the help of Viren and his team was renewing our Impac PreQual certification. We achieved an amazing score of 82%.

I would like to personally thank Viren for his support and guidance through this process, as it was a very stressful 2022 for me both in business and in my personal life.

We look forward to our strong working relationship in 2023 and beyond."


"Viren worked within my team at Auckland Airport. Viren was an Operations Team Leader. He executed his duties to a high standard and was often able to juggle multiple priorities under pressure. He always displayed common sense and sound judgment when having to make time critical decisions, ensuring the safety of passengers and staff came first. I wish Viren well in his future career endeavours. "

Mark Croudace

"Highly knowledgeable and experienced in health and safety management, demonstrating exceptional expertise in regulatory compliance, risk assessment, and implementation of safety protocols. Consistently demonstrates a proactive approach to fostering a culture of safety. A valuable asset for any organization seeking to prioritize employee well-being and mitigate workplace risks."


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